Tracking down the right track shoes for my son

written on Tuesday, March 25, 2014
filed under Shoes

When my son announced that he wanted a very-specific pair of Adidas running shoes, I didn’t expect the trouble that ensued. I spent many nights after-work and wasted much of my weekend running from store to store, looking for these distinct shoes. It then occurred to me that I might have better luck finding them online, and ordering them for local delivery or pick-up.

What I found next surprised me. Many local vendors and chains didn’t offer me a valid resource online to find the closest store or outlet. Many of them were vague in the information that they provided, pushing a brand more than an actual location where I would find the product. Furthermore, I was a bit miffed by the ambiguity of pricing found with some of these big-name vendors. The prices online were not always in line with what independent stores or retailers were offering for the same item. When I decided to search for those vendors that provided me with a local brick-and-mortar site, I was surprised to find results for Sneaker King PA. I had always thought that this was exclusively an online store, and that I would inevitably have to order merchandise online, and then wait for it to be sent to me at my home. I was delighted and stunned to discover that there was a location less than ten miles from my home, located in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Furthermore, I was relieved to find the merchandise touted online at the store when I arrived. There weren’t any hidden gimmicks or sales pitches, but simply the items that I wanted from viewing their website. This is refreshing and I have since re-evaluated the way that I shop locally. I seek out customer tools such as a helpful and easy-to-navigate website and store locator as additional features before making my buying decisions. If a vendor doesn’t care enough about the customer to make it easy to find the items promised, than they don’t deserve my hard-earned money. I am happy to report that my son has his cool new blue Adidas running shoes, and that I paid what I had expected from the information online. Sellers owe it to their customers to provide them with the resources that make it more convenient to shop at their establishment. Those are the companies that I don’t mind investing my money in, and that I will continue to patronize.

Cheap advertising solution

written on Wednesday, March 19, 2014
filed under business

I see a lot of people now using banners in vinyl for outdoor advertising almost anywhere. It seems to be the most popular  forms of advertising for businesses these days.  Aside from being incredibly affordable, vinyl banners are also known for being extremely durable since they are made from a water resistant material that holds up well.  Not to mention, they can can be printed quickly and they are available at different sizes. So if you are looking for a cheap advertising solution for your business, I highly recommend vinyl banners as they can really boost your business.

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