Wensha Spa- Place like this is heaven!

written on Monday, November 26, 2012
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The month of November is getting really tough for me! Have you ever experience a ‘cloudy mind symptom?’ That’s what I’m currently experiencing right now. My mind is pretty much clouded with bunch of thoughts, and I cant seem to think straight. Heh, I know that I need to make a decision as soon as possible. It’s probably the hardest decision I will have to make this year.

So I was trying to find the special “a-ha” moment to relieve from all the stress and negative thoughts and since my Team “Inbound” has finally decided to push our “Wensha Spa Party”, that we have been planning for ages. Hence, It’s about time! So yea, At first I was so skeptical to join them, as I am working “home-based” and I live way too far from the city. Lol! Seriously, I have to travel for 4 hours to see them! Thanks to our TL, friends/workmates for convincing me, their “convincing power” scored me!

We got there around 10AM, yesterday! Of course, we had to take some pictures first before we check-in. Mkay, So you’d probably guess that! Afterwards, We went in, our TL availed the “Wensha Body Massage Package” I think it was P780.00 per head which comes (Jacuzzi & Steam Sauna) and their inclusive unlimited buffet- After depositing our slippers, they handed us the fashionable bracelet magnetic locker key. .. We secured our things, changed into our Wensha robes and headed to everyone’s favorite the “Eat-All-You-Can-Buffet”. It was very tricky, you need to make sure “not to get carried away” and only get enough foods otherwise, they will charge you 300php for leftovers. We spent an hour there munching and talking, talking and munching with just about anything! You know the drill, Of course we deal to closed everything with a pinky swear.

We then s tarted with a “quick shower” and because it was my first time there, I was kinda shocked that everybody is passing by naked! Geeezz! I didn’t feel safe with my only “disposable underwear”. Ha-Ha! Anyways, it’s unusual for me yet another new experience. Guys are separated from the Girls. Thank Goodness! Lol! There’s “no photos” rules in the wet area, not even an underwater cam. So don’t get excited. No way I’ll expose butt pictures here. Har=))

We bravely took a dip into awesome hot jacuzzi, it was pretty refreshing. Like the usual, we all had a good laughs, giggling while teasing each other’s private parts. Haha! Okay, You Got That! We feel like getting hot after few minutes so we transferred to the pool tub to cool off! – Next was Sauna Room, for 15 minutes!

After that, is the most awaited 1HOUR FULL BODY MASSAGE~ They have private rooms that can accommodate six people. Hmmm… I got too excited to try that but when I was asked by the masseuse to choose from “hard or moderate” massage. I wasn’t brave enough so I chose a “moderate” massage. The fun part was actually when the masseuse lift me up and stretch me in mid air, Lol! That was kind of scary yet soothing.

Overall, Our 8hours of staying at Wensha Spa was indeed a great experience! Besides the awkward nudity and “okay” food, their service wasn’t bad at all. I have visited a few salons and spas but never been to place like ‘Wensha’- Place like this is heaven! I’m happy I was able to do it, the massage is truly excellent. I’d say it’s my favorite part of the entire experience with my team. ‘

Sad to say, I forgot to bring my digicam so no pictures yet. I’m still waiting for our TL to upload our photos. Hopefully she’ll find some time to put it on FB :)

Got home by 10:30PM. ’til next :)


  1. Jam @icoSnap says:

    Hi Jhoice! It’s been quite sometime since I last visited your blog. The Wensha spa is definitely a good deal for 780 php including spa, massage and food! How I wish they had something like that here (I live in Germany btw ). They have spas but its quite pricey – and textile-free (fully unclothed) too. Hope you can visit my new blog:)

  2. Kimeh says:

    I’ve heard to Wensha so many times – this just made me want to try it!

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