The Grooming Mistake That Turns Every Woman Off

written on Friday, February 1, 2013

Both men and women rely on a series of tricks and techniques in order to attract the opposite gender. It is true that some changes can give an individual a completely new appearance. It is definitely a good idea to adopt a natural make up, but after all, there are things you have to hide sometimes. All in all, the worst part is that some men lack the education. They choose to change some things, yet they fail to understand that such changes can turn women off.

Letting the body hair go wild
The body hair is a well known proof of masculinity. However, there are situations when the respective hair must be domesticated. Buy an adjustable machine and trim the hair on the abdomen and chest. The size should be aesthetic, but also natural. You do not have to go completely bald though. Just make sure that your wild hair does not go out through the shirt buttons or collar.

If you use gradual adjustments, you can avoid the apparition of a transition zone between the cleaned and ignored areas. It is true that it might take a lot of time, but you will definitely improve your appearance.

Ignoring the hair in your nose and ears
Most men pay attention to the facial hair, yet there are a few areas they always forget about – ears and nose. Almost everything you do in real life has something to do with the appearance of your face. Whether it comes to your job, some dating opportunities or socialization, a good looking face can open a lot of doors. However, one of the worst parts implies admiring the hair in your friend’s nose.

The nose hair is very important for health, since it filters all the bacteria and microbes. However, when the size takes it out of the nose, you feel like forgetting about the protective role. Use a special trimmer on a regular basis, especially since this procedure takes a few minutes.

Exaggerating with the cologne
A proper perfume or cologne can leave a slight nuance of masculinity behind you. However, it does not mean that you have to bath in cologne before going out on a date. The general idea behind this technique is to tease your partner. On the other hand, exaggerating will lead to a disaster. Make sure you find a perfume that can fit to your body. Use a couple of sprays behind the ears or around the wrists.

Skipping the nail care
Your nails can tell a lot about you. They represent your visit card. Aside from your face, these are some of the first things a woman will notice. Every woman will definitely want to see some good looking hands before letting you rub them on her body. If you think that you need weekly manicure sessions, you are wrong. Just make sure you roundly trim your nails and do not leave any edges. Double check them before leaving home. If you worked on your car before, you should definitely clean them. Any dark nuance under a nail can turn any woman off.

There are a series of grooming mistakes men make without even realizing it. Ignoring small details is one of the worst mistake. Other than that, do not forget about the less visible parts either, such as: Wild toenails , Chest hair , Facial skin and Eyebrows.

Author Bio: Susie Andrews of MusicMagpie UK, loves Fashion and writes for various fashion and lifestyle blogs. If you’d like to sell your clothes online, check out the link.

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